NISSAN PATROL Y60 4×4 D off-road camper van

Initial state

The customer, being a lone traveler, wanted a safe off-road vehicle that could keep its features while providing the possibility to cook, sleep and wash on board

Final state

Swissvan’s solution was to increase the suspensions’ capacity and to change rims and tyres to improve the off-road possibilities.

Internally, a triple-battery system managed by an IBS electric controller  was mounted, to be able to halt without external auxiliary electricty.

Back seats have been removed to create the space for a loading room of 1900×1350 mm, under which the electric system was installed (low centre of gravity), while the superior part is used as bed and seat space. On the right side, a gas-supplied cooking space has been installed, and a pull-out shower for external use.


This kind of conversion, disposed as shown, can be mounted on all big-sized vans with a long wheelbase.